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Consulting Services

Value is provided when advice helps you, company or individual, achieve your goals.

It takes a diverse set of people and skills to create value. We integrate knowledge from different sources to help clients address their challenges and achieve their goals. We bring a mix of skills and experience from diverse backgrounds to provide clients with pragmatic solutions.

Service providers tend be experts in their particular subject area. For any given solution or large initiative however, each provider is a part of a bigger picture, making integrated, coordinated delivery from various providers the key to success.

With most integrated planning, components of a solution are coordinated and integrated, with consideration of interdependencies to provide efficient cross-jurisdiction or jurisdiction-specific structures. Effective planning requires the involvement of at least five to six specialised individuals.

The components of success

Getting each component right is essential for success. Each need to be defined and agreed on.

Goal setting
First of all, what are the results you actually want? You decide and agree on your desired outcomes. What is it that you have decided to achieve? How is this going to be measured?

Is “How” you are going to achieve your goals. It is the plan. How are you going to go about doing it? Strategy is a plan of action designed to achieve overall and specific goals. Before setting out on anything, a basic plan needs to be in place. This is not to say a plan is written in stone, it should be dynamic, reflecting changes in actual circumstances. Successful strategic planning is about providing a framework for decision making. These decisions, occurring continually as you go about realising your goals, include everything from capital and human resource investments to operations to marketing to branding. With a good strategic framework in place, an organisation should stick to its defined course, adapt to changes reasonably well, keep confusion and discord to a minimum and grow profitability.

The purpose of management, first and foremost is value creation. What is it? Management is the process of running and organising a set of people and processes in a coordinated fashion to create value. Once you have defined strategy, management is about:

  • Planning and deciding what needs to happen in the future and generating plans for action
  • Organising (or staffing) to make sure the human and nonhuman resources are put into place.
  • Coordinating, creating and maintaining the structure through which an organization’s goals can be accomplished
  • Commanding (or leading) to determine what must be done in a situation and getting people to do it
  • Execution against plan, operationally “doing stuff”
  • Controlling and checking progress against plan

Given the enormous confusion around just what management is, it’s worth keeping in mind that management is basically what you do to get the various involved people to achieve their allocated goals to achieve an overall objective.

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