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Envisage Advisory

Envisage is an independent advisory firm. We provide specialised advice to firms, businesses, financial institutions and wealthy private individuals.

Envisage has four main lines of business:

  1. Advisory and Consulting Services
  2. Negotiation Services
  3. Private Placement Life Insurance
  4. International Withholding Tax Recovery

How do we work?

Envisage often works as a general contractor, reflecting our management consulting origins, ensuring solution delivery. We manage and coordinate multiple service providers, providing structure, discipline and cost control. We work to a service management model as below with Envisage at the center managing and coordinating a network of providers toward integrated service and product delivery.

International business is complex, which means multifaceted, layered solutions in multiple countries, dealing with legal and regulatory frameworks in multiple jurisdictions. Hence, we select and work with specialists in the particular area and jurisdiction as required.

Envisage ensures that no single advisor works in a silo, rather that all advisors and specialists are working as part of a coordinated team.

For example, when providing multi-jurisdictional legal or tax advice, we do so by using a team of lawyers, tax and other specialists, each of which is specialised in a particular area and jurisdiction, integrating their services and advice. The oversight ensures that dependencies and interdependencies are recognised and dealt with.

As anyone who has worked on multi-jurisdictional projects can attest, tax and legal professionals tend to have expertise in one particular area and jurisdiction. Advice while correct in one jurisdiction can negatively impact the result in another jurisdiction. This is particularly true with anything to do with the United States. These “cross-over” impacts are the sorts of dependencies we identify and manage.


  • Managed service delivery
  • Independent oversight
  • Management of interdependencies
  • Cost control
  • Placement of specific service providers for specific tasks
  • Getting the result you actually want

Effective management, negotiation, coordination and cost control are special skills. Large, multinational corporations solve the challenge by using large consulting companies (Accenture, PwC, Deloitte, etc.) to manage delivery. Envisage adds value in providing those capabilities on a smaller, more discrete scale with focus.

Envisage is a member of:

Self Regulatory Organisation recognised by the Swiss Financial Markets Authority (FINMA)

Envisage is registered as an independent investment advisor (RIA) with the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States.

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Envisage Advisory
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